There are a number of Australian Standards and Codes applicable to the Glass & Glazing Industry. Hard and soft copies of these may be bought and downloaded from

  • AS/NZS 1170 – Structural design actions – General principles
  • AS/NZS 1170.2 – Structural design actions – Wind actions
  • AS 1288 – Glass in buildings – Selection and installation
  • AS 2047 – Windows and external glazed doors in buildings
  • AS/NZS 2208 – Safety glazing materials in buildings
  • AS 3959 – Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas
  • AS 4000 – General Conditions of Contract
  • AS 4055 – Wind loads for housing
  • AS/NZS 4666 – Insulating glass units
  • AS/NZS 4667 – Quality requirements for cut-to-size and processed glass
  • AS 4668 – Glossary of terms used in the glass and glazing industry
  • AS 5039 – Security screen doors and security window grilles
  • AS 5040 – Installation of security screen doors and window grilles


Labelling of glass is an important compliance aspect of AS/NZ 1288. AGGA has produced a range of glass labels for members to purchase that can be used on most types of glass. These labels include the company name and are only available to AGGA Members, so they also serve an important role in promoting AGGA Accreditation status.

Section 5 of AS 1288 requires that ALL safety glass is legibly marked in accordance with
AS/NZS 2208.

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If you are cutting safety glass that is already marked in accordance with AS/NZS2208 -1996 and
supplying to others to glaze.


If you are cutting safety glass that is already marked in accordance with AS/NZS2208-1996 and
glazing it in accordance with AS1288-2006.


Installed in accordance with AS1288 and to be used on all glass types (except safety glass – use
Label B) that has been selected and installed in accordance with AS1288-2006.

Purchase your Accredited Glass Labels from AGGA and support your industry.

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Should a member or non-member require the services of an Independent Review of a product or installation compliance issue, please refer to either of these industry contacts –

Neil Edmonds – can be contacted on 94013012.


Pretec Consultants Pty Ltd

T  +61 8 9443 3030

F  +61 8 9443 3031

Unit 5, 24 Parkland Road, Osborne Park, Western Australia 6017

Please note that neither of the above contacts have an invested interest in the GWAWA, and act on behalf of Industry


There is also a complaints process available

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