Membership Structure


Membership Information

The GWA has been established by industry participants to ensure that the industry has a unified voice on industry matters. We continue to coordinate the resources within the industry with the aim of providing a continually improved market for both consumers and industry participants. As a body for members our mission is to support all members in understanding safety, compliance, technical, training and best business practices to ensure stability and long jeopardy within our industry.

Features and Benefits

There are many features and benefits emanating from membership of the Glass & Windows Association of WA (GWA). This is reinforced through the high regard in which the Association is held, and its influence with other industry and regulatory bodies. Some features and benefits include:

  • Access to the Australian Glass and Glazing Association
    As a member of the State Association you have access to raise any matters of National interest with the National Association either through the committee of the GWA or direct to AGGA. Members also benefit from AGGA as they promote and encourage glass trade and provide information and advocacy services on all aspects of glass from energy efficiency to standards and safety at a national level.
  • Industry Updates and Information
    As a member you will be kept up to date with industry news, events and changes through E-news, which is a monthly “emailed” industry newsletter. All members also receive a complimentary copy of the Glass Australian Magazine published by AGGA. this magazine features topical information with regards to Glass, window and industry products. Regular updates on Industrial Award conditions are also given.
  • Compliance on Codes and Standards
    As a member you can access our accreditation training on AS1288-2006. The GWA continues to inform and consult with our members on a daily basis helping our members understand and keep up to date with any changes that take place. General advice on interpreting AS1288 can also be given in some circumstances.
  • Regular Workshops
    As regulations and laws governing how business must operate keep changing, the GWA organise workshops from time to time for members. These cover areas such as technical, training, Energy ratings, standards, Occupational health and Safety as well as many other issues that our industry may incur.
  • Mediation on Minor Disputes
    From time to time members may be subject to problems with quality, technical or industry issues which may arise. As a member the GWA could mediate to eliminate bias or conflicting information to ensure relationships are never compromised.
  • Promote your Business
    As a member you will have many opportunities to promote your business to the industry and public.You will become part of our member’s directory.
    Add the GWA emblem to your website and letterheads which will enhance your company profile.
    Many opportunities to advertise and sponsor our yearly Golf day and Awards night.
    Attend our general dinners to network with other members while being kept up to date with industry items.
    GWA stickers are given when you become a member, these can be displayed on your vehicles etc.
  • Training
    AGGA have invested heavily in promoting training for our industry. As a member you will have access to training modules and may be eligible for funding where applicable.
  • Social
    As a member you will be able to network and mix with a friendly group of industry people who can relate and enjoy the benefits of being part of the Glass and Window Industry. Events such as the General dinners, Golf Day, Awards Night and Conferences will enhance the social aspect of being a member.

Other services include but not limited to:

  • standards and brochures
  • public & industry enquiries
  • lobbying
  • regulations
  • conferences
  • industry meetings
  • industry portal
  • technical literature
  • administrative centre for the industry


  • To establish and maintain good relationship among its members and to promote and protect common business interests by all desirable and legitimate means.
  • To remove or prevent undesirable practices in the Industry.
  • To foster and improve the relations of members among themselves and with other organisations having similar objectives.
  • To make representations to government departments, public bodies and commercial and industrial organisations to all matters affecting the interest of the industry.
  • To promote adherence to glass and window manufacturing and trade standards and to foster an environment of safety and training within the industry.
  • To watch over and protect the interest of members of the Association and to adjudicate upon any breaches of the Rules, codes of conduct or resolutions of the Association.
  • To establish and maintain a Code of Ethics to be adhered to by all members of the association.


Code of Ethics of the


We pledge allegiance to the following principles and policies.

  • That the paramount responsibility of the free enterprise FLAT GLASS AND WINDOW INDUSTRY is the welfare of its customers, community and the Australian Nation.
  • That the highest possible standard of workmanship and materials, approved from time to time by the Australian Standards Association, will be a constant principle and that encouragement be given the introduction of proven techniques from within and without the industry.
  • We accept honest, just and reasonable practices as our guiding business policy and guarantee that the public will consistently receive optimum monetary value.
  • We uphold the principle of the right to a fair return for goods and services supplied in our relations with labour and all other sections of the Flat Glass and Window Industry.
  • We hold inviolate the free enterprise system, and we seek and will strenuously work for the preservation of all legitimate rights and freedoms, both for this industry and the community in general.
  • We assume these principles and policies freely and solemnly, well mindful that they are part of our responsibility and obligation as a member of the Flat Glass and Window Industry in Australia


(i) Full Membership
Full Membership of the Association may be granted at a Committee Meeting to those persons, firms or corporations carrying on a business as a bona fide Glass Merchant and provided the Committee of the Association is satisfied after investigation that such person, firm or corporation is so engaged and provides a glass and window service which is equipped to undertake recognized classes of glass and window processing.

(ii) Affiliate Membership
Affiliate Membership may be granted at a Committee Meeting to those persons, firms or corporations engaged in the manufacture of glass and window component or acting as an agent for a manufacturer of glass and window or supplier of material, equipment or services to the industry, or with interest in common with the industry.
An Affiliate Member shall not be entitled to a vote or hold office, but may be on a Sub-Committee.

(iii) Honorary Life Membership
Life Membership may be granted at a Committee Meeting to those persons who have provided an outstanding contribution to the glass industry and such membership shall carry all the privileges of Full Membership.