Code of Ethics


We pledge allegiance to the following principles and policies.

  1. That the paramount responsibility of the free enterprise FLAT GLASS AND WINDOW INDUSTRY is the welfare of its customers, community and the Australian Nation.
  2. That the highest possible standard of workmanship and materials, approved from time to time by the Australian Standards Association, will be a constant principle and that encouragement be given the introduction of proven techniques from within and without the industry.
  3. We accept honest, just and reasonable practices as our guiding business policy and guarantee that the public will consistently receive optimum monetary value.
  4. We uphold the principle of the right to a fair return for goods and services supplied in our relations with labour and all other sections of the Flat Glass and Window Industry.
  5. We hold inviolate the free enterprise system, and we seek and will strenuously work for the preservation of all legitimate rights and freedoms, both for this industry and the community in general.
  6. We assume these principles and policies freely and solemnly, well mindful that they are part of our responsibility and obligation as a member of the Flat Glass and Window Industry in Australia.

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