The GWA has been established by industry participants to ensure that the industry has a unified voice on industry matters, and is able to coordinate the resources within the industry wit the aim of providing a continually improved market for both consumers and industry participants.

Our services include

  • standards and brochures
  • public & industry enquiries
  • lobbying
  • regulations
  • conferences
  • industry meetings
  • industry portal
  • technical literature
  • administrative centre for the industry

There are many benefits emanating from membership of the Glass & Windows Association of WA (GWA). This is reinforced through the high regard in which the Association is held, and its influence with other industry and regulatory bodies. Specific benefits include:

  • Receive and be kept up-to-date with any changes to the industry.
  • Opportunity to participate in any promotions by the GWAWA on behalf of its members.
  • Discuss and receive advice on problems within the industry.
  • Regular updates and information on any changes to the Codes, Standards and Regulations within the industry.
  • Participation in exchanges of information and training with other States through conferences, seminars and training.
  • Participation in fellowship and social interaction with other members of the industry and participation in joint functions with related industries.
  • Opportunity to attend dinner and general meetings of the Association.


The above are just some of the benefits and services that GWAWA provides for you and you could really call it a form of insurance for your Company.
Memberships are becoming popular and I am sure upon examination of the above information, you will see that your Company could benefit by joining us.
You will also become part of a large and growing number of firms in the Association for improvement of the Industry!

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